Making A DifferenceOn-Site Distribution Center

One of the biggest factors that went into Urban Alliance’s decision to move to East Hartford was a need for functional warehouse space. Priority was placed on making a way to bring the amazing work done by World Vision to Connecticut (and all of New England). By providing this warehouse space, Urban Alliance is able to get real physical resources and supplies to programs, ministries, and churches that need them. It also allows World Vision to operate in ways that are different than most of the rest of the country – where most places would need to charge a membership or pickup fee to covert the costs of warehouse rental, staff hours for scheduling and stocking, and more, the UA Distribution Center can provide access to World Vision programs at no additional cost to our UA Network Partners.

programs received material support

of in-kind donations distributed

schools received school supplies

A Special Partnership

World Vision

The relationship between World Vision and Urban Alliance is a special one. Though we are clearly two separate organizations, we often feel like one staff – praying and serving together. We are thrilled that we can bless World Vision with a home base in CT, we are equally blessed by their work and programs as they equip the UA Network for good works.

Resources for those in need

Essential Supplies Program (ESP)

The Essential Supplies Program provides much needed supplies to programs, churches, ministries and organizations brining positive change to their communities.

Teacher Resource Center (TRC)

The Teacher Resource Center provides school supplies to teachers in qualifying Title I schools.

Be a Part of Something Good

Volunteer with UAServe

In addition to volunteering at UA Network Programs, some UAServe volunteers help with the UA Distribution Center, the Essential Supplies Program, and the Teacher Resource Center.

You Can Make a Difference

Are you looking for a way to have an impact with over one hundred organizations reaching the community? You can help provide the needed warehouse storage, voluteer coordination, and staffing for the UA Distribution Center.