UA Distribution CenterEssential Supplies Program

The Essential Supplies Program (ESP) allows UA Network Program Partners to shop for items that will further their community work. This World Vision program, which would typically have an application or recurring fee to cover the costs of a distribution center, is available to UA Network Program Partners for free.

World Vision distributes donations from large box-store retailers, manufacturers, and resellers all over the country. These home goods, office supplies, personal items, and child care items are then put to use to improve lives and change communities. 

World Vision

Our partnership with Word Vision is a special one. By dedicating most of our building space to serve a distribution center, Urban Alliance made a clear and unique path for World Vision to operate in New England.

programs supported

in supplies distributed

square feet of warehouse

You Can Make A Difference

Volunteer with UAServe

In addition to volunteering at UA Network Programs, some UAServe volunteers help with the UA Distribution Center, the Essential Supplies Program, and the Teacher Resource Center.

You Can Make a Difference

Are you looking for a way to have an impact with over one hundred organizations reaching the community? You can help provide the needed warehouse storage, voluteer coordination, and staffing for the UA Distribution Center.

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The UA Distribution Center

The UA Distribution Center is the warehouse space adjacent to the UA Offices. Partnering with World Vision, Urban Alliance can provide resources to the UA Network and beyond.

Basic Needs

The Distribution Center helps all of our Network Partners and the areas where they make an impact. Basic Needs programs can get personal care items, socks, and more to help them be effective