Education InequityThe Teacher Resource Center

The Teacher Resource Center (TRC), located in the Urban Alliance Distribution Center, is an effective means to help teachers at Title I schools get school supplies and other valuable resources for their classrooms at no cost to the school or the teachers.

Typically, efforts like this have annual fees to cover the cost of facilities, staff time for scheduling, and other administrative costs. Urban Alliance has absorbed these costs by providing the warehouse space, using UA Staff and volunteers for scheduling and staffing, and allowing teachers with limited available resources to worry about the needs of their class without worrying about the cost. 

World Vision

Our partnership with Word Vision is a special one. By dedicating most of our building space to serve a distribution center, Urban Alliance made a clear and unique path for World Vision to operate in New England.

schools supported

students benefit from school supplies

CT Teachers spend


out-of-pocket on school supplies for their classroom each year

You Can Make A Difference

Volunteer with UAServe

In addition to volunteering at UA Network Programs, some UAServe volunteers help with the UA Distribution Center, the Essential Supplies Program, and the Teacher Resource Center.

You Can Make a Difference

Are you looking for a way to have an impact with over one hundred organizations reaching the community? You can help provide the needed warehouse storage, voluteer coordination, and staffing for the UA Distribution Center.

More to See

Essential Supplies Program (ESP)

The Essential Supplies Program provides much needed supplies to programs, churches, ministries and organizations brining positive change to their communities.

The On-Site Distribution Center

The On-Site Distribution Center is the warehouse space adjacent to the UA Offices. Partnering with World Vision, Urban Alliance can provide resources to the UA Network and beyond.