What is Summer of Hope?

Summer of Hope is a collaborative effort to promote free summer events organized by churches and organizations within the Urban Alliance network. Many times, people miss out on wonderful community events because they are unaware of them. You can use this website to stay informed about local happenings in your community!

Coming Events

We’ve just begun gathering information about events for the summer, so be sure to come back to see new events as they are added!

Do you have an event that you’d like listed this summer?
You can submit your event here!

Get Involved!

List Your Summer Community Event!

We invite organizations in the Urban Alliance Network to list their events on our community calendar. These events should be:

  1. Open to the public!
  2. Free to attend!

Some examples of events that will be listed are family events, movie nights, food distributions, workshops, youth events, and camps. Events that we do not typically list include regular church services, paid concerts, etc.