addressing Issues that Matter to our communities

Basic Needs

We believe that every one of us is a child of God, made in the image of God – and as such, deserves to have their most basic needs met. We partner with churches and organizations to strengthen their basic needs programs.

Education Inequality

Urban Alliance is working to help coordinate needs and organizations that are able to meet them, freeing teachers and school administration to focus on the work of educating the next generation.

Mental Health

Urban Alliance offers training, community and support to professional counselors, community organizations, and church programs that provide mental health support.

Youth & Young Adults

Urban Alliance builds capacity in children and youth-serving organizations so that they are better equipped to offer healthy environments and supportive relationships

Children & Families

Using a positive youth development framework, UA works with churches and organizations that provide school-age children and youth with opportunities to serve and grow.

Returning Citizens

Many returning citizens struggle to find employment, make ends meet and build a healthy network of support. Successful reentry relies on a variety of people and resources. Urban Alliance is working with churches and ministries to develop programs and provide resources to returning citizens.

Physical Health & Wellness

UA supports programs and ministries in offering opportunities for people to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to maintain a lifestyle of health and wellness.

Unified Prayer & Outreach

UA partners with the regional church and shares regional events that promote united prayer and worship among Unity Partners.

How Urban Alliance Makes a Difference

There is a huge difference between understanding the problem and helping with solutions. Here are just some of the ways that Urban Alliance is able to make an impact, changing lives for the better.

The UA Distribution Center

The UA Distribution Center is the warehouse space adjacent to our offices. This space hosts a New England World Vision location, allowing us to reach our communities with in-kind donations and more. It also allows Urban Alliance and World Vision to partner in bringing the Teacher Resource Center and the Essential Supplies Program to our community and the UA Network

Training & Equipping

Urban Alliance invests in strengthening the members of the UA Network through regular training events, network building gatherings, and a collection of resources that we have developed. We are expanding our free Online Resource Library all the time, and we are developing an online training platform as well.

Farmers Market Coupons

As part of our Annual Community Outreach Day, Urban Alliance volunteers distribute over 10,000 resource bags to neighbors in Hartford. One of the things included in those bags is a coupon to a local Farmers Market, providing fresh produce and highlighting healthy food options.

Grocery Distributions

Partnering with organizations like Midwest Food Bank, Urban Alliance helps UA Network Partners host free grocery distribution events in their communities by providing publicity materials, coordinating food deliveries, providing volunteers, and scheduling events.