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Your support of Urban Alliance is a way to multiply impact – from helping support a $150,000 warehouse to help provide over $10 million in supplies, to support training events that reach further into the community with every passing year. We’re exited that you want to join us in making a difference in Connecticut.

Multiply a Financial Gift

Your generous support of Urban Alliance helps us continue the work that is already underway, expand the impact of the UA Network, and bring more Collective Impact events online.

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About Urban Alliance

Do you know someone that would love to hear about Urban Alliance? We hope that you tell them! If they visit our website they can find out more about us and sign up for email updates.

Looking for other ways to spread the word? We’d be honored if you would sponsor your own fundraiser to share on email and social media to celebrate a special day, amplify generosity on a favorite holiday, or “just because.”

Join Us as a UAServe Volunter

Are you excited about all of the ways Urban Alliance connects willing volunteers with opportunities that match their interests, skills, availability, and heart? You can become a UAServe volunteer! Look over our listing of currently available opportunities. Didn’t find something that caught your attention? Check back again with us soon, we update our listings regularly. Or, reach out to our volunteer coordinator and see if we can’t help you find an opportunity to make a difference.

Corporate Sponsorship

Are you part of a company or organization that would like to explore a organizational sponsorship? We’d love to talk to you about options and ways to connect.

Additional Support Options

As you think about financial and estate planning, we’d be honored if you’d consider Urban Alliance. We have developed a few resources to help you with that journey.