Making A DifferenceSponsorship Opportunities

Corporations, Organizations, and Individuals may be interested in sponsoring a specific effort or resource. We would love to partner with you around the issues that mean the most to you. 

Some Sponsorship Ideas

Are you looking for a specific issue or effort that you can support? Be sure to explore all of UA’s Areas of Impact to get a complete picture of all of the options – but here are a few examples that others have expressed interest in supporting.

Food & Resource Distribution

Place your logo on materials that are distributed to neighbors who attend a Grocery Distribution; help with the printing costs of reusable grocery bags or Farmers’ Market Coupons.

Second Chances Program

(re-entry from prison)

UA will help partners support returning citizens by addressing their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Help with printing costs, or resources for returning citizens.

School Partnership Program

(with Hartford Public Schools)

Help provide school supplies to students in need, recognize teachers who make a difference, or focus on a particular school or district.

Mental Health Support

Urban Alliance offers training, community and support to professional counselors, community organizations, and church programs that provide mental health support. You can help with printing costs; provide scholarships for training events, and more.

The Benefits of Sponsorship

Urban Alliance works with each sponsor, individually. Many of our sponsors have specific goals in mind when they contact us, and we are more than happy to help meet those goals!

Below is an example of the kind of benefits that we have offered in the past.


Sponsorship Level Platinum
Logo Placement on our website and promotional materials
for 12 months
for 6 months
Program Advertising Page
(full, 1/2 or 1/4 page)
Full Page
1/2 Page
1/2 Page
1/4 Page
Sponsorship Recognition
Platinum Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
Silver Sponsor
Bronze Sponsor

Make an Investment in Your Community