Our Approach

Urban Alliance partners with churches and organizations around identified needs in the community – our areas of impact. We focus on three types of connection that maximize impact and achieve the greatest good for our neighbors and the members of the UA Network. 

Connecting Programs to Support

Urban Alliance provides training, networking opportunities, downloadable materials, research, and more to UA Network Partners, enabling them to operate effectively and serve their neighbors well.

Some of the Ways We Connect Programs to Support

Training & Equipping

Urban Alliance provides regular training events for UA Network Partners focused on best practices and relevant topics.

Online Resource Library

Urban Alliance develops courses, flyers, handouts and other materials for training courses and provides them freely for download.

Community Research

To truly address a problem, you must first understand it. Urban Alliance conducts research to assess needs is the community.

Connecting Partners to Resources

Urban Alliance connects UA Network Partners to free supplies and resources. Resource toolkits, care packages, and other helpful items are assembled and distributed with the help of volunteers and other partners. We also provides limited grant funding to our partners. when possible.

Some of the Ways We Connect Programs to Resources

On-Site Distribution Center

In partnership with World Vision, our on-site Distribution Center provides supplies, personal care items, clothing, and more to some of our Network Partners.

Resource Kits

UA coordinates the assembly of hygiene kits, care packages, prisoner re-entry kits and other customized packages for partners to distribute.

UA Partner Portal

Urban Alliance provides a wide range of resources through one portal available to all of our Network Partners.

Connecting People to Opportunities

UA-led programs connect UA Network Partners that have a heart to serve to  opportunities that meet the needs of neighbors in the community. Urban Alliance also spreads awareness of its partners and outreach programs in order that more people in need can connect with the organizations providing it.

Some of the Ways We Connect People to Opportunities

Grocery Distributions

In partnership with Midwest Food Bank, Urban Alliance schedules opportunities for Network Partners and area churches to provide their neighbors with groceries.

Online Directory

Urban Alliance has developed an online program directory to help people in our communities connect to UA Network Partner programs.


Urban Alliance helps publicize volunteer opportunities for UA Partners and helps connect volunteers to those needs.