Impact AreaUnified Prayer, Worship and Outreach#bettertogether

The bible says that unity is important in the body of Christ. UA helps to coordinate opportunities for churches and organizations to come together to seek God. UA partners with the regional church and shares regional events that promote united prayer and worship among Unity Partners.

Upcoming Community Events

The Micah Group

The Micah group is a gathering of pastors who meet regularly (2nd Thursday of each month) to build relationship, encourage and learn from one another, and collaborate around community outreach events.

Coming Together to Make a Difference

When you are trying to make a difference in a neighborhood, in a city, in a region … one thing is clear: you can’t do it alone. 


Arise is a prayer movement birthed out of a continued prayer by a group of pastors and prayer intercessors in this area prayed over 40+ years on a weekly basis for God to bring churches across New England to come together to pray and seek God for a spiritual awakening in this region.

Impact Connecticut

We are a collaboration of Christian leaders, churches and ministries from across the state of Connecticut who desire to see Kingdom transformation in our local communities.

CT Prays

America Prays is a national movement of united prayer to blanket the nation in day and night prayer (Luke 18). CT Prays is part of this national effort. It is a congregation based, coordinated prayer initiative to have strategic prayer covering our state 24/7.