Making a DifferenceCommunity Research

One way to support real and lasting change for the better is to be certain that you understand the complexity of the problems a community faces and that your efforts are effective. Urban Alliance provides community research and analysis, as well as training other organizations how to use research tools effectively to improve their own efforts. 

Example Research Projects


Community Needs Assesment: Food Security, Mental Health & Service Needs Among Residents

This study seeks to better understand the link between food security, mental health, economic impact since COVID-19 and service needs in a sample of community residents receiving food from a free mobile pantry.

Offering More Than Food with Coaching

2023 follow-up study on the continued effectiveness of the More than Food Framework.

An Outcome Evaluation of Food Pantries Implementing the More than Food Framework

A 2020 study on the effectiveness of the More Than Food framework for food pantries executed by Urban Alliance, Foodshare, and UConn Health Center in Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition

Hartford's Northeast Neighborhood Food Survey Report

The Northeast Hunger Action Team (HAT) was formed in December 2013 as part of a Foodshare initiative – this 2015 report was one of the outcomes that was foundational in further research & training.

Sharing what We Know

Providing Training and Resources

Urban Alliance regularly provides training to UA Network Partners and other regional organizations about various topics, including Community Research. From training opportunities like Using Surveys to Understand and Celebrate Impact to free, downloadable resources available in the resource library, UA strives to bring best practices, effective procedures, and vital information to the people who need it most.

Research & Surveys Handouts

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You Can Make a Difference

If you want to be involved in data-driven best practices and ensuring that local programs are continually improving based on feedback and research, we would love to join with you in that effort.

Volunteer with UAServe

Good research means collecting good data! UAServe may be able to connect you with an organization that needs help collecting surverys or with data entry.

Invest in Community Research

Resources of time and materials spent on research are investments that multiply over time. Your gift supports all of UA’s efforts, including Community Research.