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since 1999

1 in 5

adults in America will experience mental illness


of those struggling with their mental health do not receive the support they need.

The world is in the midst of a mental health crisis. Anxiety, depression and other issues are impacting that live of our neighbors – what can we do?

Urban Alliance engages professional counselors, pastors, churches, programs and ministries that are facing the challenges of helping people struggling with mental health. Through Charis, an initiative launched to specifically address mental health needs, UA hopes to not only get resources to people with mental health needs, but to encourage and equip those who help their communities address this crisis. 

Looking for Mental Health Resources?

We have a growing collection of mental and emotional health resources available for FREE in our resource library!

How We Make an Impact

We provide churches and organizations in our network with peer groups, training, toolkits, consultation, grants, supplies and volunteers to build stronger food pantries, community meal sites, clothing banks, transitional living facilities, sober houses and other basic needs programs.

Whether you are are seeking Christian counseling or are looking for a support group, the Charis website provides a simple way to connect with a variety of emotional support service providers in Connecticut and download resources targeted to specific needs and challenges.

Training & Equipping

From classes on helping people facing specific challenges, to gatherings of mental health professionals for encouragement and collaboration – Urban Alliance helps equip individuals and organizations that address mental health. In addition, we have dozens of free resources available for download.

Mental Health Resource Centers

Urban Alliance has developed many different brochures, booklets, and handouts that we make available freely - including providing printed resources to churches and organizations on mental health, allowing those organizations to meet the needs of their community with a mental health resource station.

On-site Training & Workshops

Urban Alliance leads and facilitates seminars and workshops at churches and organizations to raise awareness, decrease stigma and equip people for lay care. Topics include depression, anxiety, trauma, strengthening marriage relationships, healthy thinking patterns, preventing burnout, suicide prevention.

Essential Supplies Program

An organization cannot effectively address mental health needs without considering the needs of the whole person. UA's Essential Supplies Program helps to make mental health care holistic - bring help and healing to the whole person.

Downloadable Resources

Below are a few examples of resources available in our Resource Library

Upcoming Events

The UA Network in Action

A few of the UA Network Programs adressing emotional and mental health:

You Can Help Support Mental Health Programs

Your donation can help provide downloadable resources, training, and more to help people in our communities.