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One of the lesser-known challenges of getting donated groceries and personal items into the hands of people in need are the issues of storage and distribution. Food banks and other distribution centers must balance the flow of items coming in with opportunities to send them out into the community – or you can wind up with empty warehouses, or having to turn away donations because they cannot be stored safely.

When Midwest Foodbank was looking for another regular, monthly distribution opportunity, they discovered that there were plenty of organizations willing to host an event once or twice a year, many lacked the resources to host a distribution event more than once or twice a year.

Urban Alliance is able to step in and leverage the strengths of the UA Network to solve both issues – on the one hand, we can partner with Midwest Food Bank, providing a reliable monthly event that they can schedule. On the other, we are to connect churches and organizations in the UA Network with opportunities to serve their neighbors within the limits of their resources of time and volunteers.

Upcoming Distribution Events

A Peek at Past Events

Be a Part of Something Good

You can play a part in getting food and personal items into the hands of people that need them!

Volunteer at a Distribution Event

Join our growing team of people who have made working at a food distribution event a regular part of their monthly service! UAServe can connect you with opportunities that match your interests and availability!

Host a Distribution Event

Urban Alliance works through a network of area programs, ministries, organizations, and churches to reach communities. The first step to hosting an event is reaching out to our team and seeing if joining the UA Network is right for you.

Sponsor Distribution Events

If your organization wants to help meet basic needs in the Hartford Area, we’d be honored to help you meet those goals. From group volunteer efforts, to assistance with printing and materials costs, your group can make a difference!

Invest in Meeting Needs

Food Distributions are just one of the ways that Urban Alliance and the UA Network meet basic needs. You can invest in these efforts and more, multiplying your impact and making a real difference in area communities.

Midwest Food Bank: A Valuable Partner

Grocery Distribution events are made possible by the good work done by Midwest Food Bank. It is a blessing and honor to partner with them every month to bring help to our Hartford Neighbors

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