Last weekend, 104 youth and youth leaders gathered for the Next Generation Children and Youth Leader’s Summit, where they worshipped, connected with one another and learned about ways to increase their program’s capacity to impact children and youth so they grew in their faith and develop the character, relationships and skills needed to succeed in their schools and communities.
Last month, nine leaders from seven early childhood programs gathered for the Thrive learning community, where they learned how to effectively create a welcoming and health program culture, and were equipped with the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS-3) toolkit, a user-friendly quality improvement evaluation instrument for rating early childhood program settings.
And, 29 people from 29 churches and organizations in the UA network gathered for the Beyond the Basics learning community, where discussion about how the characteristics of Christian witness (i.e. love, Scripture, prayer, discipleship)—part of Urban Alliance’s 5-C Framework—are or could be expressed through their basic needs programs. Attendees were also provided with a toolkit of materials that could be used as a starting point for expressing Christian witness in new ways.