Basic Needs / HealthFarmers Market Coupons

Community Outreach Day is an annual event where UA Network Partners go out into their communities sharing resource bags and caring for their neighbors. One of the critical items in that resource bag is a coupon that can be redeemed at local farmers markets. More than providing some free nutritious food, these coupons also help in efforts to change food desserts – areas where healthy food choices are scarce (even if highly processed or unhealthy choices may seem abundant) 

Thousands of coupons are given out every year in our ongoing efforts to bring health & vitality to families, and to ensure everyone’s basic needs are being met.


Participating Farmers Markets

TUE 4-7p – West End

West End Farmers Market
385 Farmington Ave

WED 9a-12p – North End

North End Farmers Market
80 Coventry Street, Hartford

WED 1-4p – Homestead

Homestead Farmers Market
255 Homestead Ave

FRI 10a-2p – Old State House

Old State House Farmers Market
800 Main Street

SAT 10a-1p – Promise Zone

Promise Zone Community Farmers Market
425 Woodland Street

A Peek at Past Events

Be a Part of Something Good

Volunteer with UAServe

Join our growing team of people who have found ways to serve their neighbors with their time and talents! UAServe can connect you with opportunities that match your interests and availability!

You Can Make a Difference

Sometimes it is hard to know how an individual can make a difference in an undertaking as large as eliminating food deserts. You can join our network of programs, churches, and organizations in bringing real change to the area.

Sponsorship Opportunities

What if your organization could get it’s name in front of more than 10,000 Hartford residents? And what if it was in connection with something as worthwhile as providing nutritious options to those very same people?