The Effects of Early Childhood Trauma (ONLINE)

A discussion of the adverse childhood experiences that typically result in the removal of children from their birth homes The effect of trauma on child development: impact on worldview, problems […]

Community Outreach Day

Share resource guides, farmers market coupons, prayer and the love of Christ with Hartford residents.

Event Series Micah Pastors Group

Micah Pastors Group

Urban Alliance 62 Village Street, East Hartford, CT

The Micah group is a gathering of senior-level pastors who meet regularly to build relationships, encourage one another, learn from each other and collaborate around an annual community outreach event.The […]

FREE Grocery Distribution – House of Restoration

House of Restoration

House of Restoration, in partnership with Urban Alliance and Midwest Foodbank, will be distributing free groceries to all in need, while supplies last. Download the Flyer