Two members from Wintonbury Church (Bloomfield) took a walk throughout Hartford on Monday, but their motive was not simply for exercise. Instead, they felt a need to pray over Hartford, and do so as they strolled, with a purpose, through several neighborhoods.

One of the women explained, “I felt like God was wanting to bring unity to Hartford and see the people unified doing His work in this community.”

The women joined in prayer as they walked down parts of Asylum Avenue, Sigourney Street, Sargeant Street and Barbour Street. In doing so, they prayed over Citadel of Love, The Salvation Army, Asylum Avenue Baptist Church and Sigourney Square Park. They also stopped by several peers’ homes along their route to pray.

“We felt that the Lord wants our feet to be prepared for the work of the Lord and what is to come for the city of Hartford,” they said.