Youth Challenge of Connecticut, Inc., a participant in the Urban Alliance network and a non-profit residential substance abuse treatment organization, will be hosting their Annual Walk-a-Thon Against Substance Abuse on September 21, 2013, rain or shine. Walkers and volunteers are needed to make this event a success!

Youth Challenge has been offering treatment and housing to people struggling with addiction and substance abuse for the past 43 years.

“The face of addiction is constantly evolving. Where 10 to 20 years ago, marijuana, alcohol, heroin and cocaine were the major threats in addiction and substance abuse; the present-day dangers come more often in the form of ‘socially acceptable’ addictions, prescription drugs, pharmaceuticals, anti-depressants, methadone…to name a few. The more exotic the drug, the more eager people are to try it,” said Olga Acosta of Youth Challenge.

“In order to raise awareness about the dangers facing spouses, parents, siblings, children and peers, Youth Challenge of Connecticut hosts an annual Walk-A-Thon. We invite the public…to come out and participate in spreading the news about the forms, dangers, and outcomes of addiction and substance abuse; but also about the help that is available to families, friends, and individuals that desire it.”

Anyone can be involved in the Walk-A-Thon event. There are opportunities to walk, volunteer, or make a donation in the form of goods, services, event prizes or matched funds. Former and current participants in Youth Challenge’s residency program participate in the walk, along with their families.

“It is an encouragement to them to keep overcoming [their addictions] and to keep hoping,” said Acosta.

The approximate 8k route begins at the Youth Challenge of Connecticut; 15-17 May Street, Hartford. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. and the walk begins at 10 a.m. Refreshments will be provided at the event.

To obtain a sponsor sheets or to get further information, contact Alessandro E. Acosta or Olga M. Acosta at 860-728-5199. To volunteer at the Walk-a-Thon, view volunteer opportunities here.