As part of the 2018 Revitalize Community Health Outreach, coupons for $5 in fresh farmers market produce were distributed throughout Hartford. These efforts were part of an expression of Urban Alliance’s Revitalize initiative, which helps churches and parachurch organizations reach and serve Hartford residents who have very limited access to affordable health services and good quality fresh food, to help them improve their nutrition and decrease the prevalence of adverse health conditions like diabetes and heart disease.
Additional bags are distributed by schools and other churches and parachurch organizations in the Urban Alliance network.
Nearly 1,200 coupons were redeemed at five Hartford farmers markets this year: KNOX’s Frog Hollow Farmers Market, the West End Farmers Market, the North End Farmers Market, Chrysalis Center’s Homestead Farmers Market and the Billings Forge Farmers Market.
More information about the impact of the Revitalize Community Health Outreach will be shared in the coming months.
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