UAServe Volunteer OpportunityChildcare Worker

Impact Area: Children & Youth

Locations: Manchester, CT

Hours: Saturdays, 9:30am-1:00pm

Desired Commitment: Seasonal, 8-week session (Fall session starts 9/23/2023)

Duration: 8 weeks

Age Requirement: 18+

Ready to Volunteer?

Reach out to our UAServe team to get started.

Tasks may include:

  • Working with lead teacher to supervise activities to that promote physical, mental and social development, such as creative play, arts and crafts, music, story reading and free play
  • Complying with program’s philosophy of service and all policies for child safety
  • Identifying children showing signs of emotional, developmental, or health-related problems, and discussing them with head teacher, or workshop coordinator
  • Assisting in the set-up and take-down of classes when needed
  • Interacting with families before classes and during meals
  • Participating in the meals

In order to volunteer you should be:

  • A registered UAServe volunteer (you will have a chance to register if you haven’t already)
  • Willing to attend an orientation and training prior to volunteering
  • Willing to submit a background check
  • Open to an ongoing volunteer opportunity that works with your schedule
  • Able to provide own transportation to workshop
  • Overseen by an adult if a minor
  • Able to provide own transportation to workshop
  • Patient, responsible, and dependable
  • Able to work well in small team under the direction of the head classroom teacher