Article written by Urban Alliance staff.

Over the course of the summer, Revitalize, a collaborative community initiative of the Urban Alliance network that focuses on effectively and holistically addressing health needs in Hartford, partnered with the North End Farmers Market. At the market, Revitalize had a booth complete with community resources that included information about free and low-cost health services and events. In addition, the booth had family-friendly activities and served as a way for people to learn more about available free/low-cost local health services and to build relationships in the community.

We recently chatted with Amanda H., and she shared about her experience as an Urban Alliance volunteer! Here’s what she had to say:

“I got to see hands-on how Revitalize is working to effectively create a healthier community. It’s not merely a matter of some nice words in an ideal world; but rather, tangible action to implement these goals.

Revitalize is meeting people where they’re at, seeing realistic and attainable ways to improve the health climate, and then taking action to do just that!

I was delighted to participate in the farmers market. I volunteered at the children’s station [at the Revitalize booth] where I was able to engage with kids. My favorite part was when I offered out a ball to a precious little girl, and instead of reaching for the ball she reached for me! And held on tight. That’s the beauty of children – they see beyond any confines of society to see that we are all people in this community with the same needs. We all need healthy food and community, and access to both, to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

I think Revitalize is a fabulous initiative!”

If you would like to volunteer with Urban Alliance, contact Leah Caldwell, Urban Alliance’s Volunteer Manager at (860) 986.7724 x 16 or at