Article and photo by Urban Alliance staff.
Charis Quarterly Meeting’s each have a specific focus and topic meant to further equip and train leaders involved in the Charis Initiative. This past month, on September 27, 30 attendees from 25 churches and ministry organizations spent the meeting learning about how to support individuals who struggle with depression or discouragement.
Interested in learning more about CharisIf your church or ministry organization would like more information about participating in Urban Alliance’s Charis initiative, contact Angela Colantonio at or 860.986.7328. 

If you or someone you know is struggling, the Charis website ( provides a simple way to connect with a variety of Christian emotional support service providers in Connecticut.

Experiencing Healing and Providing Hope
Charis Impact Meeting Equips Leaders to Help People Struggling With Fear or Anxiety
Training Equips Participants To Help People After Crisis
Learn Basic Tools for Crisis Intervention at Charis Training 
UA’s Charis Initiative To Equip Church & Ministry Leaders In Crisis or Trauma Care
Not Just Another Tuesday: Support Group Offers Hope
Quarterly Charis Meetings Equip Local Counselors and Care Providers
Charis Website: Hub for Care and Counseling
Increasing Hope, Decreasing Stigma: Charis Helps People Heal Through High-Quality Care Offered at Local Churches
Charis Yearly Meeting Recap: Helping Decrease Stigma, Increase Care for Hurting

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