Article by Jaleith Gary, Urban Alliance’s Director of Development

When we planned our 2020 calendar, we had no idea we’d be working remotely, wearing masks whenever we left our homes, or pivoting our implementation plans to meet our community’s needs.

We continue to see how Covid-19 has changed everyone’s plans except for God’s and we’re grateful for all of the ways He’s revealing His presence in the midst of the storm.

With generous donations of all sizes, you’re demonstrating His love to change lives. Here’s how:

Equipping essential program providers with farm fresh produce and perishable goods on a weekly basis to feed 38,400 families facing hunger and food insecurity in partnership with our network and community-based organizations.

Providing 27 virtual gatherings to help program leaders, church leaders, and people like you build the knowledge, skills, and resilience skills needed to meet needs and navigate the pandemic.

Facilitating six Micah Group meetings for senior pastors to build meaningful connection, care and collaboration across diverse backgrounds, denominations, ethnicities, races and experiences.

Equipping essential service providers with personal protective equipment and sanitation supplies to ensure the continuity and safety of their service provision in the midst of the pandemic.

“Thank you so much for the PPE kit!!  I didn’t expect it to be so big!  You always provide so much for us!”

– program leader for care and counseling and street outreach ministries

Mobilizing 36 volunteers to serve people safely at essential service program sites throughout Greater Hartford and at ongoing emergency relief sites and weekly produce distribution.

Providing 11,740 vulnerable children and adults with food, sanitation products and essential household supplies at several ongoing emergency relief sites in partnership with schools, our network and community-based organizations.

Developing more resources for our free online resource library to provide ministry leaders with materials to help people in need practically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our team is paying close attention to how the pandemic is creating hardships for our most vulnerable neighbors, friends and loved ones.

You can create lasting change during these unpredictable times to meet critical needs and come alongside people when they need it most.

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