Article and photos by Urban Alliance staff.

Thousands of Hartford residents recently received Revitalize bags that were packed with a resource guide containing information about free and low-cost health services, a coupon for $5 in farmers market produce, and other helpful information about benefit programs like SNAP and the Summer Meals Program, through a door-to-door volunteer effort or through programs run by organizations in the Urban Alliance network.

Urban Alliance’s Revitalize initiative is working to help Hartford residents improve their nutrition and decrease the prevalence of adverse health conditions related to poor diet, like diabetes and heart disease, by providing information and incentives to utilize Hartford farmers markets, which provide an opportunity to access fresh and local produce throughout much of the year.

And this year, Revitalize coupons were redeemed at Hartford’s West End and North End Farmers Markets for a total of $4,427 worth of fruits and vegetables in just five weeks.

That’s about 900 baskets of berries or 1,500 bunches of greens!

Here’s How You Can Help!

Widen the scope of positive impact by connecting Hartford residents to information about local free and low-cost local health programs, services and incentives to work towards health and wellness. Share this link:!