1 year. 628 volunteers. 5,831 hours. Countless moments of help and hope.Though simply defined, the impact that UAServe volunteers made in 2017 was profound. Ranging in age from two to 87 years, they poured their time and talents into helping people in our local community.
“Our desire at Urban Alliance is to see people in our community experience hope, help and positive transformation in their lives,” explained Sarah Thompson, Urban Alliance’s Director of Communications and Volunteer Mobilization. “And, so many are working generously and humbly to do just that.”
UAServe, Urban Alliance’s volunteer mobilization program, recruits and matches positive, supportive volunteers to serve at programs run by churches and parachurch organizations that participate in UA initiatives.
Last year, men, women and children served by assisting at community medical screenings, helping at pregnancy resource centers, assisting at disability-friendly events, assisting at after-school programs, sorting and stocking donations, cooking and serving meals, working on websites, helping out at food pantries, providing Spanish translation, helping with maintenance, and so much more.
“One day a week, I get to tutor at Lincoln Elementary, which is a wonderful experience,” shared UAServe volunteer Holly.
On Saturday, February 10, volunteers, host site leaders and UA staff gathered to celebrate the incredible contributions made by UAServe volunteers in 2017.
“While their service in 2017 is valued at $144,142, it truly is priceless,” said Thompson. “These amazing individuals are helping tens of thousands of our neighbors, friends, and community members become healthy and whole in every aspect of their lives.”
If you would like to see photos from this event click here.  If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer click here.  To view the 2017 UAServe report click here.

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