For Julie DeLucca-Collins, being a UAGive donor is an intentional expression of her faith.

“I want people to know that I donate because I am committed to serving and giving my time and talent,” she shared. “I am passionate about helping young and old alike.”

Having first learned about Urban Alliance at a UAGive Get Stuffed for Good event, she was quickly impressed and inspired to give.

“There are so many organizations in our community that are doing great work. I love how UA builds capacity with these organizations and helps them impact the lives of the people they serve,” she explained.

She also was drawn to Urban Alliance’s approach, which helps churches and organizations instill best practices into their community programs and multiply impact.

“This ensures that the impact is magnified,” she explained. “Knowing my support is amplified makes it easy to give. If anyone is committed to taking their treasure and impacting the community through our churches, this is the right organization for them.”

“One of my favorite things about helping donors achieve their community impact goals is that their gifts are leveraged to accomplish their goals and so much more,” shared Jaleith Gary, Urban Alliance’s Director of Philanthropy.

For every dollar given:

  • $10 of high-quality educational and essential supplies are distributed to our community
  • $3 of expertise and capacity-building (or “program development”) support goes to community programs operated by UA network participants

“This means $1 turns into $14 of impact when you donate it to Urban Alliance—and a grant can be complemented with training, technical assistance, supplies, and 1:1 consultation—so people facing challenges to meeting their needs can have help and hope for a positive future. That’s the power of what can happen when we leverage our strengths to change lives,” she said.

To get involved as a UAGive donor or learn more about making an investment, no matter how big or small, that best aligns with your interests, contact Jaleith Gary. Or, make an easy online donation by clicking here or by mailing a check payable to Urban Alliance to 62 Village Street, c/o Jaleith Gary, East Hartford, CT 06108.

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