One of our favorite things at Urban Alliance is to hear from people we work with in various capacities to learn how our partnerships are giving tens of thousands of people help and hope for a positive future.
But, we don’t like keeping these stories to ourselves—we want you to be encouraged by them, too.
So, we’re launching The Fulcrum podcast!
In our first episode, we sat down with Mat Samuelson from Glastonbury Community Church to learn more about a series of Urban Alliance-supported workshops his church is holding to help young people deal with the anxiety that comes with living in the 21st century and the Technology Age.
On April 28, 40 people participated in the church’s first workshop—affectionately dubbed a “community conversation” by Pastor Samuelson—titled “Healthy Boundaries With Technology.” The workshop was sponsored in part by Urban Alliance, and included a overview and discussion with both parents and teens about today’s mental health crisis and how technology, while useful, contributes to higher incidences of depression and suicide.
Glastonbury Community Church also partnered with Building Healthy Familiesfor the workshop, to include an overview of psychological research about Attachment Theory and how overuse of smartphones, tablets and gaming devices can damage supportive relationships and interfere with a child’s social and intellectual development.
Click the button below to hear first-hand from Pastor Samuelson about their workshop series, Glastonbury Community Church’s partnership with Urban Alliance and the positive impact its having in our local community.

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