Hundreds of people gathered at U-Nite 2018: 10 Years Together on April 26, to celebrate a decade of impact that has been made by listening, responding, and building relationships to help people in our local community.
Colorful, large-scale displays welcomed each guest at the event, which provided snapshots of the unique ways that Urban Alliance has strengthened and supported local outreach programs run by churches and parachurch organizations.
While many enjoyed taking the time to explore the displays, others relished in the opportunity to interact with fellow attendees and meet the leaders who run the dozens of UA-supported programs that are helping tens of thousands of people in our local community each year.
“UA nurtured an atmosphere of fellowship and unity,” shared pastors Joel and Karla Cruz from House of Praise and Worship. “The opportunity to connect built a bridge to each of our hearts.”
Whether catching up with old friends or meeting new acquaintances, U-Nite provided plenty opportunities for building meaningful connections.
Joshua Somma, youth pastor at Higher Ground Christian Church, shared, “U-Nite was an awesome experience. I made tons of connections. I enjoyed the fellowship and unity of all the ministries, pastors and churches coming together and I felt like I was at home. Higher Ground Christian Church is brand new to Urban Alliance but it felt like we have been a part of it since the beginning.”
“It was very easy to network with other UA supporters,” added Robert Fortgang.
The pool of guests represented many of the 87 churches and parachurch organizations that are a part of the Urban Alliance network, or were from community-minded organizations, schools, businesses and corporations collaborate with Urban Alliance by contributing resources and expertise, were UAServe volunteers, UAGive donors, or were community members interested in the work being done through Urban Alliance.
The evening concluded with a time of prayer for our community led by UA network leaders. For many, this was the perfect way to celebrate ten years of positive impact and to look forward to the years ahead.
Pastor Esther Karanja of International Gospel Fellowship Church shared, “It was a dream come true for me to see members of the body of Christ come and honor God and pray in unity of the Holy Spirit.”
Thank you to all who celebrated with us and a special thank you to the volunteers who made U-Nite: 10 Years Together a success.
Mark your calendars! U-Nite 2019 will be held on Thursday, April 25, 2019.