You may have seen friends on Facebook who run a fundraiser for a favorite charity for their birthday, in lieu of gifts. Urban Alliance invites you to partner with us and set up your own UA Fundraiser.  You can extend your reach and impact as you join UA in supporting area programs as they meet the needs in our communities – hunger, poverty, mental health, physical well-being and more.

The process is straightforward and works not just on Facebook, but also on Twitter, in an email, or anywhere else you can share a link. Follow the steps below to set up your own fundraiser!

Step One: Connect to our fundraising platform

You can start your fundraiser by clicking the button below:

Step Two: Fill Out the Simple Form

  • The Display Name can be your name, or a description of your fundraiser like “Celebrate John’s 35th Birthday!” or “Susie’s Giving Tuesday Fundraiser!”.  
  • You can upload a photo so that people will be able to connect a face with a name
  • Choose how you would like the funds designated, if you would like
  • Add a fundraising goal! We recommend making it a stretch goal without making it feel impossible to reach.
  • IMPORTANT: Add a personal message to the people you will share this with. Why support UA? What difference has UA made for you or your organization?
  • Finally, choose a date to close your fundraiser.

It will then ask for your contact information (so we can keep in touch) and you are all set!

Step Three: Spread the Word!

As soon as you sign up, you can copy the link to your personalized fundraising page and share it on social media, in an email, and more. You will also receive an email with another copy of that link, plus a link to your own Fundraising dashboard where you can track how things are going. UA will receive all of the funds and take care of the financial details. All you need to do is spread the word. Send an email to family and friends, inviting them to help you reach your goal. Share a story on social media on how Urban Alliance has made a difference in your world, and share you fundraiser link. Tweet it. Blog it. Share it on TikTok.

Step Four: Celebrate!

Thank you for your willingness to spread the word about UA and help support our mission. Don’t forget to thank the people who helped you reach toward your fundraising goals, too!