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Since: 2016

Address: 1841 Broad Street, Hartford, CT


Faith Ministries Church’s mission is to help men, women and families become whole spiritually, according to John 5:6 through religious educational training and outreach programs.

Partner Programs

Faith Ministries Church Youth Ministry

Faith Ministries Church Youth Ministry provides opportunities for middle- and high-school aged youth to grow in their faith in God and develop leadership skills. The ministry also facilitates supportive peer and adult relationships and promotes service in the community. Programming occurs on Wednesdays at 7:00pm and Sundays at 10:00am.

Second Chance Re-entry Ministry

Second Chance Churches welcome men and women released from prison (a.k.a. Returning Citizens) to be part of their church family and help them reintegrate into the larger community. At Second Chance Churches, Returning Citizen Mentors are available to provide one-one-one help and support. Discipleship opportunities for spiritual growth are also available. Through Faith Ministries Church’s Second Chance Reentry Ministry, Returning Citizens and their families are provided with referrals and resources. Faith Ministries has received training and a toolkit to offer a Community Resource Center to help connect people to local services and resources that match their specific needs.