Article and photo by Urban Alliance staff.

On the morning of June 10, the sun was shining almost as bright as the smiles and excitement that brewed as more than 130 volunteers from 12 local churches and ministry organizations set out on a door-to-door mission to bring health and hope to Hartford residents.
Over the course of the morning, they distributed bright green bags stuffed with information about free and low-cost health services and incentives to improve health and wellness to people in the North End, West End, Downtown and South End of Hartford. With each personal exchange of a Revitalize resource bag also came the offer for prayer, which 255 residents accepted.
The bags that were distributed included a Revitalize resource booklet (which also helps point residents to, a site updated by Urban Alliance throughout the year with additional resources and services in the city), a coupon for free Hartford farmers market produce and information about the Summer Meals Program.
These efforts were part of an expression of Urban Alliance’s Revitalize initiative, which helps churches and ministry organizations reach and serve people who are struggling to care for their physical health needs so they are able to experience and maintain a lifestyle of wellness.
Since the first Revitalize Community Health Outreach in 2012, more than 65,000 health resource bags have been distributed, through door-to-door outreach, by schools and at churches, ministries and community organizations.
After this year’s outreach wrapped up, volunteers gathered for a celebratory lunch, where they shared about their first-hand experiences.
“This was my first time and I had a wonderful time today going out and meeting people,” shared volunteer Pierre. “One woman we met welcomed us into her home. She had tubes and an air tank, and had been hoping that God would somehow hear her prayer to get better. When we got to her home she said it was like confirmation from God that He hears her prayers. After we prayed for her she said she felt better and her outlook on her future health was broadened. It made me feel good to be a part of this. God is good!”
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