Dear Friends of Urban Alliance,

I am thrilled to have joined the Urban Alliance family as the new Executive Director in March 2021. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and to advance the vision of UA’s Better Together philosophy.
After serving for over thirteen years at another non-profit foundation in Pennsylvania, I was introduced to UA’s organization, programs, and ministries.  UA’s call to leverage strengths and change lives speaks to the practical application of meeting needs and deeply resonates with me.  I am so appreciative that God has called me here to further this work.

UA’s commitment to the Greater Hartford community is a reason for celebration.  In 2020, UA helped to meet the needs of over 324,000 individuals through our network of 128 organizational and ministry partners.  Through five key initiatives, the UA network:

  • provides food, clothing, and housing needs
  • addresses the underlying challenges that lead to social and economic inequity
  • fosters nurturing and supportive environments for young children
  • provides enriching learning experiences for youth and young adults
  • increases access to healthcare and emotional support services

These services have been made possible due to the training, resources, and supplies provided by UA that enable our network partners to be better equipped.  The principle of being Better Together has been a part of UA’s DNA since its inception and the same standard will continue to be the driving force of change into the future.  As much as we have realized together, the need is now even greater and there is much more to do.

There are several ways to work with UA to ensure that lives are improved and that God’s love is evidenced throughout our communities.  Explore ways to partner and support us, both in testimony and financially, as we seek to improve lives together.  Better Together.

Rev. Perkin Simpson, MBA, MSFS, CAP®
Executive Director