Revitalize helps people move towards optimal physical health by collaboratively increasing the impact of local health services.

Through Revitalize, organizations in the UA network are provided with support to increase the impact of their health services as they implement strategies to holistically help people in our community.

Strengthening Health Services
Organizations are strengthening their health services to increase opportunities for people to move towards optimal physical health.

Classes to Improve Physical Health
Classes on topics such as healthy eating, physical fitness or chronic disease prevention are helping people to build knowledge and skills as they move towards optimal physical health.

Health Screening Events
Free health screenings are helping people to build knowledge and education about preventative health and health conditions, and are connecting them to resources by providing screening results, suggested next steps and information about available community health resources.

Sharing Information About Free and Low-Cost Health Resources
Through the distribution of resource bags containing information about free and low-cost local health programs and services and incentives to work towards health and wellness, or sharing about the Revitalize website, people in our local community are connecting to resources.

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Revitalize is funded in part by a Foodshare Partnership Program Grant and the Hartford Hospital Community Benefit Grant.