World Vision

World Vision



World Vision U.S. Programs mission is "to improve the well-being of vulnerable children and youth in the U.S. through local and national partners. Through strategic partnerships with schools, churches, and non-profits, World Vision increases its impact in the community.  These partner organizations understand the needs of the individuals they serve and ensure that the children, youth, and families most in need receive World Visions resources such as school supplies, household products, building materials, and disaster relief items as well as youth development programs."


Resource Programs
World Visions gift-in-kind resource programs, the Teacher Resource Center and Essential Supplies, will distribute school supplies, household and personal hygiene products and clothing to those most in need through local community partner organizations.

Youth and Community Engagement
World Vision will make Youth and Community Engagement opportunities available to Urban Alliance participants through the Youth Empowerment Network; a cohort of Urban Alliance network participants in the Youth Empowerment Network; and capacity development training and technical assistance. Training topics will include, but are not limited to, Youth and Adult Partnerships and Youth Development.



The Network