Charis: Helping Equip and Support Counselors and Emotional Care Providers

Article by Urban Alliance staff

Charis is an Urban Alliance initiative that works to help people become emotionally and relationally healthy by collaboratively increasing the scope, quality and impact of local care and counseling services. 

Trainings & Workshops 

On Thursday, November 5, 30 counselors and care providers participated in a Charis training, "Fostering a Healthy View of Self," which was facilitated by Steve Johnson, a pastor at Valley Community Baptist Church and professional counselor

The training equipped emotional care providers with skills to help people maintain a healthy and Biblically based view of self. Various techniques and interventions were offered to equip care providers to help people overcome negative thoughts and emotions directed towards their self. Trainings like this one are available on an ongoing basis.
Grant Support 
The Charis Cohort is a group of church and organization leaders who meet quarterly to learn from one another, with the goal of addressing emotional and relational needs. 
Urban Alliance network participants who participate in the cohort are invited develop action plans to improve the emotional and relational health of those they serve and receive grant funding to support those action plans. 
To date, grants were awarded to:
  • Colonial Point Christian Church to support The Anchor, a support group for those who have lost a loved one to suicide
  • Renew Counseling to support the provision of quality books and resources to those participating in workshops and receiving counseling
  • The Worship Center to subsidize the training costs for their care ministry leaders.
These grants are working to enhance the impact of existing care and counseling ministries with the goal of people improving their emotional and relational health.

Continuing Education Opportunities
Each month, a group of professional Christian counselors meets to support and learn from one another. Next month, the group will participate in a continuing education opportunity where they will watch and discuss the video, "I'd Hear Laughter: Finding Solutions for the Family," and learn strategies to help families come together to build on their strengths, and collaborate to find solutions to their struggles. Professional counselors who participate in the Charis network will receive continuing educations credits towards their licensure.
Connecting People to Quality Care and Counseling
The Charis network is a great way to learn about local counseling and care resources that are offered from a Christian perspective. 

Check out the Charis website at ! If you would like to distribute printed flyers that highlight resources found on the Charis website, click here to email a request.
Are you a counselor or emotional care provider and would like to learn more about Charis? Contact Angela Colantonio at 

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