Urban Alliance News

  • Food Pantry

    Beyond the Basics: Paving the Path to Self-Sufficiency

    Think about your last meal. Or your last trip to the grocery store. Did you have to worry about having enough socks, warm clothing or even soap when you needed it? Do you have a safe place to lay your head at night? +

  • Aislyn Brown

    Volunteers Help Children Learn, Grown and Flourish at Noah After School

    On most any given day of the week, Hartford students bouncing with excitement and anticipation make their way to Noah After School, a program run by Hartford City Mission that supports children in their homework and reading skills and helps them learn how +

  • Emily McGeown

    Emily McGeown: Changing Lives One Health Screening at a Time

    Over the past year, UAServe Champion Emily McGeown has contributed to the collective impact of helping people in our local community move towards optimal physical health in ways that can't be measured. At the time that she reached out to Urban Alliance.. +

  • Charis Training

    New Charis Workshop: Helping Others Foster a Healthy View of Self

    Positive self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-image. These things are crucial to the improvement of personal stress, relationships, and even health. But for some, having a positive self-image can be difficult, especially if one is affected by life's... +

  • Radiate

    Seeds of Partnerships Planted Through Labors of Love

    For more than one hundred volunteers from four Wethersfield Churches, Labor Day weekend proved to be full of "labors of love," as they beautified two Hartford school properties through a project called Radiate. From pulling roots along a fence line to... +

  • Youth Empowerment Leaders

    Local Churches Partner With Youth For Positive Change

    When children and youth are provided with the tools and avenues to speak into making change in their communities, powerful things happen. And just this past year, four local churches participated in a cohort through World Vision's Youth Empowerment... +

  • Revitalize Door to Door

    Increasing Access to Fresh, Healthy Foods...1 Coupon at a Time

    "I can get fresh fruits and vegetables," "It gives better options than the grocery store," "It helps me to be healthier while pregnant," "They help me to eat more nutritious food at a lower cost." These were just some of the comments buzzing... +

  • Case Worker

    Basic Needs Met, Bright Futures Set

    For many in our local community, knowing where their next warm meal will come from, where they will be sleeping for the night, or how they will provide clothing for their family is a stark reality. Thankfully, there are many local churches and organizat +

  • THP Love Wins

    Reaching Hartford: Expanding the Scope of Impact Together

    Despite the discouraging statistics about Hartford's population, there is much being done in the city to fight poverty and help Hartford residents and communities to flourish. One of these ways is through The Hartford Project... +

  • THP Love Wins 2

    The Hartford Project Free to Attend: Worship Events, Gospel Choir, Dance Mob, Street Fairs and More!

    The first of three sessions of The Hartford Project (THP) 2015 begins on Sunday, June 28, and there are many ways that YOU can be a part of the THP experience by attending a THP public event! +

  • Revitalize ladies

    Revving Up For Revitalize

    Churches and organizations in the Urban Alliance network, and community organizations throughout Hartford are revving up to participate in the fifth Revitalize Community Health Outreach on June 6. +

  • Youth Challenge Thrift Store

    Updating YC Thrift Store One Listing At A Time

    Having only been open for just over two years, the Youth Challenge Thrift Store's impact on the corner of Amity and Park Street in Hartford is visible and growing. Volunteers are a huge part of that effort. +

  • Freshplace

    Local Food Pantries Help Make Positive Change: A Collective Impact Approach to Hunger

    Through Beyond the Basics, local food ministries are working to implement a new model of addressing hunger that offers not only healthy food options but an atmosphere of dignity and respect. Food pantries that use the Freshplace model will be set up lik +

  • Thanksgiving Meal

    Hartford Residents "Shop" For Free Thanksgiving Meals

    Tucked away on Barbour Street in Hartford is a church, that although it may appear small, is big on one thing - love and caring for our neighbors. The Citadel of Love hosts weekly free community meals that provided by donations and through the loving eff +

  • VCSD 14

    Working Together to Make a Difference

    Twice a year, Valley Community Baptist Church in Avon mobilizes volunteers in a widespread effort to make an impact in our local communities with the love of Jesus through their Community Service Day. +

  • Freshplace Model

    Freshplace Model: A New, Impactful Approach to Addressing Hunger

    Have you ever struggled to provide enough food for yourself or your family for the day? Week? Month? Even in Connecticut, one of the wealthiest states in the nation, hunger is a day-to-day reality for many. In fact, hunger affects 100,000 people in the G +

  • Aetna Giving Fair

    Aetna Employees Help Provide 4,000 Meals for Local Families

    It's amazing how little time it takes to make a significant impact. In fact, on their lunch breaks last week right here in Hartford, several Aetna employees were able to build 200 food kits that will provide 4,000 meals to hungry families in our local com +

  • 2014 Youth Explosion Retreat

    71 Teens Build Faith, Friendships & More at Youth Explosion Retreat

    While many enjoyed cookouts in their backyards on Labor Day weekend, dozens of youth and leaders were given the opportunity to head out far from their neighborhoods to Camp Wightman for a retreat that would impact their lives. +

  • Yoobi School Supplies

    Hartford Kids Get Prepared for School With Help From Local Ministries

    Along with the excitement of a new school year comes the excitement of brand new school supplies. You remember the feeling - freshly sharpened pencils, gleaming new pocket folders, a full set of crayons, and maybe even a special case to keep it all. +

  • Produce & Impact

    Produce and Impact: A Growing Trend

    From the end of June to the beginning of August, more than 900 Hartford and Bloomfield residents visited the North End and West End Farmers Markets to redeem a Revitalize coupon for free produce. With "farmers market dollars" in hand, they were able to ch +