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The mission of Church Army USA is "to raise up evangelists to proclaim the gospel to the least, the last and the lost and to draw them into the life and mission of the church. We are focused on multi-generational mission so as to disciple the next generation in the ways of the Christ's compassion from the earliest point possible." 


Soup and Socks
Soup and Socks meets every Saturday in Bushnell Park from 1:30-3:30pm, working with Hands on Hartford and the Episcopal Cathedral to provide the homeless with new socks and hot soup/coffee to keep them warm until the shelters open.  The focus is on building relationships and pastoral care.  
Underwear Because We Care
Underwear Because We Care functions as a "Mobile Underwear Boutique", collecting new socks, underwear and t-shirts, to be distributed monthly in Bushnell Park, at Hands on Hartford's Peter's Retreat and downtown at Christ Cathedral. Offering varying options in style, size and color is part of the ministry, as the recipients are frequently given resources, but are not usually able to "shop" for their own preferences.
Widows and Orphans (Nursing Home Ministry)
Widows and Orphans serves nursing homes in West Hartford and Avon, through church services, bi-monthly Bible studies and Gospel Sing Alongs.  We connect area churches with us to serve and learn multi-generational ministry.  There is also a focus on ministering to the nursing home staff.
Books of Love (Children's Book Ministry)
Books of Love is a mobile book distribution ministry focused on low income areas, emphasis is placed on encouraging reading, empowerment, cross-cultural work with suburban families meeting urban friends. Children are allowed to choose an armful of books to keep!  Times and locations vary.


Rev. Capt. Bryan Bywater
c/o Church Army USA
108 Whitman Ave
West Hartford, CT 06107

Phone: 860.205.5150
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