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Building Healthy Families



Building Healthy Families "fosters health in the families of Manchester by building capacity of parents. We do this by offering the BrightStart Workshop free of charge to parents of young children (pre-natal through age four) by encouraging an optimal home environment to foster their baby's healthy development, creating strong foundation for success in school and life. The BrightStart Workshop enhances the skills of parents and other caregivers. Building Healthy Families relies on volunteers to run their programs.


The BrightStart Parenting Workshop
This free Workshop is for families with a child under the age of 4.  A full kids program (birth to age eight) is provided.  Parents and other care-givers learn how to enhance their young child's brain development by providing a language rich, safe, and secure environment for them to grow physically and emotionally strong through healthy eating, play and good discipline. The 8-week program runs on Saturday mornings in the Spring and Fall.  Breakfast and Lunch are included along with free diapers, books, and toys every week.  
The Circle of Security Parenting Course
Circle of Security Parenting Groups are designed to give parents a 'map’ for understanding and responding to their children’s emotional needs. Research shows that parents who are able do this in a loving and consistent way give their children an amazing start in life.  This free learning experience runs for eight weeks and usually includes about six to twelve people per group.  Each session is about 60-90 minutes long.  Decades of research have confirmed that children with a strong and healthy relationship with their parents and other important adults in their life are best prepared to thrive.
The Imagination Playground
The Imagination Playground is a breakthrough play space designed to encourage child-directed, unstructured free play which is essential for healthy development. When children's imaginations are engaged in active play they benefit physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. We can bring this play experience to your children’s programs.  Contact BHF or 860.375.0121 for details.
Parenting Seminars
We offer a variety of seminar topics for both parents and others who serve young children such as Sunday School teachers, nursery volunteers and day care providers. Each seminar is from 45 to 60 minutes of content with time for reflection and discussion.  Adult learning strategies are employed as we give foundational teaching with practical applications, have discussions, and offer a variety of activities to reinforce key ideas. Our recommendations regarding discipline, nutrition, safety and screen time follow the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines. Longer sessions for educators are available.  Contact BHF or  860.375.0121 for list of topics.
Neighborhood Kid's Fair
The Neighborhood Kid's Fair is an opportunity in September to drop in and enjoy some family fun! The free event includes games, crafts, food, bounce house, the Imagination Playground and a free book giveaway. Check our website ( for the next fair.


Building Healthy Families, Inc.
302 Hackmatack Street
Manchester, CT 06040

Phone: 860.375.0121


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